Archive for Social Movements

Archive for social Movements

The Archive for Social Movements is an institution of the Library of the Ruhr Foundation formed in 1998. The archive collects materials of different origins, in particular materials that for various reasons cannot be held by public archives. This includes trade union archives, materials of the other social movements, and various private collections. Among the materials, work councils of the Ruhr region form an important part.
The stocks are basically formed by the materials of the German Miners' Union, the German Chemical Workers' Union, the Union of Leather Workers, and related materials. More recently, the archive has acquired the complete materials of the "Kommunalverband Ruhrgebiet" (Federation of Ruhr Area Communities), and of the "IBA Emscherpark GmbH" which, from 1998 to 1999, formed a major incentive to promote structural change in the region. Most of the trade union materials covers the time period from 1945 onwards, but in some cases, documents also relate to the history before 1933. Above regional and national trade union history, the archive therefore has become a most important address for research on the history of structural change in the formerly heavy industrial region.

The Archive for Social Movements is open to scientists and the general public. Materials must be used in the reading room of the Library of the Ruhr Foundation. For extensive advice, notice should be given in advance.

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