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A perfect match
mit Walter Tokarski/Karen Petry/Michael Groll
A perfect match?
Sport and the European Union

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ISBN: 978-1-84126-271-0

Aachen: Meyer & Meyer Sport 2009

In recent years the European integration process has gained importance. Meanwhile, it has become an integral part of political life in contemporary Europe. Even for the field of sport, the European Union has become a central issue. Combining perspectives from history, political theory, comparative politics and law, this book offers a comprehensive overview of many aspects of the European sport arena.

The first part of the book deals with the historical and theoretical aspects of the European integration process. The second part describes and analyses the politics of sport at the European level including the main European institutions and the most important areas of European sport (i.e. health, anti-doping and education). The third part covers legal aspects and lists the main acts of law and court decisions. In the fourth and last part of the book, the sport structures of the 27 EU Member States are presented in short overviews.

A Perfect Match? is the new and revised edition of Two Players - One Goal?.

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